Vancouver Pen Spinning Gathering

Today I will be writing about the Vancouver pen spinning gathering, just so the folks at UPSB might not think I am spamming them when I post a link to this there.

It was sweet. If you spin and live in Vancouver you missed out ;(

At the Pacific center food court I met Jamie Enns first, we then found Hobby who had a table near the back for us. Exclusive and Dark Rose showed up later. I finally got the chance to pay back Jamie Enns for him paying for me at Sunrise Pizza.

Back in June I went to this Sunday cider place because my class mate told me about it. When I was about to leave I ran into him and he was with Jamie Enns. One of the reasons Vancouver is cool, surprise pen spinning gatherings have happened in the past. For supper we ended up going for pizza at Sunrise pizza on Commercial Dr. I was the only one who didn’t have cash so he paid for me.

At the food court we got Quizno’s Turkey Bacon Guacamole. When I was eating one of Jamie’s friends showed up. She already knew the thumb around so I showed her sonic. I often forget being a pen spinner isn’t normal until I remember how much work it took to learn all the tricks I know.

I am not sure if I would encourage people to take up pen spinning, at least not on a competitive level, now that the skill is so high. There are spinners with a decade experience still making videos. One of the motivations for spinning for me was that I could get good, compared to the community, relatively fast. When I started bak fall meant you were decent, multiple busts were worth counting. It was fun to reminisce.

We recorded videos on all the devices on the first two tables in the apple store. I hope someone will learn about the gospel of spinning and come to UPSB and tell us about how they saw a video at an Apple store and looked up what it was about. I know when I first saw spinning I thought “I have to learn that”, I am sure the same could happen to some one else.

Hobby is gonna be a great mod. He gave me two MXs and he made the video very promptly, sorry Exclusive (I never made one of our meet up although I said I would)


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