The New Production Model: A Way to Write my First Short Story


I have read in multiple sources that it is a good idea to market products before they are finished. This builds up hype and places pressure on the developers. I figured I will adopt that approach with the short story I am currently working on. I got half way through a first draft before writing myself into a corner. I had to go back and flesh out the characters in my head which requires large changes in the dialogue. Basically it is easier to re-write the whole thing than change it line by line. I am aiming for 6000-9000 words. From my research this would mean Amazon will say its around 40 pages in length. I feel this is a good length for a short story. Its long enough to express my ideas while still being manageable for a relatively inexperienced writer such as myself. I am confidant that the characters have solidified in my mind and I know all the scenes I want so it will be safe to show you the opening passage.

Ed caught Laneigh in a bar with another man. Ed never figured out the details. Naturally he accused her of cheating. If you asked Laneigh about the incident she would say Ed over reacted. That she was meeting a client for work. That she had to secure an important contract for her marketing firm. She would deliver a tirade about Ed sabotaging her chance for a raise, out of jealousy because she made more than him. Ed and Laneigh were the perfect couple … if you’re a divorce lawyer. The thing is that Ed was right and Laneigh was telling the truth. The only thing they could agree on was that they stayed together, for so long was because of Alex – their 13 year old daughter.

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In case you were wondering the “featured image” is me playing around with some markers I bought yesterday. I really like the colors they give. They are bic “Mark it”s. I never really did anything with visual art but after reading that design book I want to play around with visuals some.

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