The Hit

Tom could feel his heart beat as he waited. This hadn’t happened since he first got into this business.

He only took the job to pay back a debt. Or maybe it was to prove that he could. He wasn’t sure yet.

There she was, a brunette with perky tits and curvy hips all wrapped up in a light summer yellow dress. The women who ruined his brother. Her name was Terra, Tom recollected, he could see why Big Joe would fall for her. Why do the pretty ones have be so manipulative he thought. To Terra at that moment Tom didn’t exist, he was just some schmuck cutting the neighbor’s hedges. Somehow having a shirt on that says “Rick’s Landscaping” made you invisible in an upper class neighborhood. Tom glanced at his watch as she pulled out of the driveway. It was 11:03, in 15 minutes it would be show time. Silent Al and Tiny Timmy followed her. That woman was responsible for Big Joe’s death, not him though Tom.

Tom took satisfaction in his work trimming the hedges. After what he’s been through he envied people who did honest work for a living. Then again he got paid the big bucks for doing what he did. They probably envied him in return. Tom went to the work van and traded his hedge clippers for a bag that contained his real tools. His work tools.

There wasn’t any need to be crafty in his entrance. Outside Tom could hear football at a loud volume. Joe would be distracted and in the living room, that would make his job easier. He then tried the back door to find it unlocked, making his job even easier. He flicked out his extendable baton and entered quietly. He snuck quietly to the garage. Tom had been in this house before, but that was a lifetime ago.

In the garage he purposely knocked over a can of paint and waited behind the door.

“Who’s there” Tom could hear Joe shout. Tom was ready.

As soon as Joe came through the door Tom stuck him over the head, knocking him unconscious. He then tied Joe to a lawn chair, placing him under a light while he stood in the shadows.

Before long Joe regained consciousness.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Joe said, his voice shrill with the sound of fear.

Tom remained silent

“Did Rick send you?”

If he was asking that must means Joe thought someone else could be after him. In these circumstances Tom found silence to be the best option.

“Tell him I’ll give him his cut.”

He was offering a cut? In his circumstances? Tom grined at the thought. He had to bite his tongue to stop himself from laughing. 12 years ago Tom would have smacked Joe for such arrogance. That was when he was just starting out in the business though. Now Tom had matured and let people’s minds do the work for him. If he didn’t give them anything to grasp onto their imagination would create something far more effective than he could with brute force and intimidation. Silence is the language of god he read.

As Joe stared into Tom’s eyes he realized his mistake and corrected himself “I’ll give him everything. Let me take my wife and leave the country. You’ll never see me again. I promise”

He’s still in denial Tom thought. He can’t accept his life will end soon. Not yet at least. It takes time make your peace. Joe still had some time though.

“If Rick didn’t send you then Martias must have”

Martias was the leader of the Mexican competition. Tom figured Joe was getting his new stuff from the Karamazov’s, the Russian gang. Now Tom would be paying for dinner and drinks tonight. He should have kept his mouth shut when talking to Uncle Rick. Tom couldn’t understand why Martias would sell to Big Joe though.

Joe waited for some kind of response. Wondering if he was right. Joe wanted some kind of sign to know who he was talking to. Tom didn’t give him that luxury.


Tom enjoyed seeing Joe go through the feeling of betrayal. It was karma he thought. Its a shame Joe would realize his mistake soon thought Tom. He wanted Joe to feel what he felt.

“I did nothing wrong. I did everything just like you asked me to.” Joe’s voice had anger mixed with self-righteousness now.

Joe looked down, taking a moment to reflect.

“I get it, no one likes a traitor. This is like the story when the man opens the castle gates because he was promised 50 pounds of gold. When the man goes and collects his payment, the enemy king stays true to his word. First the king had the gold melted and then poured it down the traitors throat. Nobody likes a traitor, not even the people the traitor helps”

Tom forgot that story, but it was suiting for the circumstance. Uncle Rick told them it a long time ago, right when they were getting into the business. Its a shame Joe misunderstood his situation. If Tom really was Martias’ man it would have been a perfect story for the occasion. No matter, at least Joe will accept his fate now.

Tom checked his watch. It was 11:24. Silent Al and Tinny Timmy would show up with the show any minute now.

This was surprisingly hard for Tom. He’d always see the movies where hit men were portrayed as cold blooded killers with no emotions. Like they were numb to everything. Tom knew the truth though, they are just better at hiding their feelings. A part of him wanted to pull pull off his mask and share a private moment with Joe. Tom wanted a sense of closure. Tom was a professional and wasn’t going to let his emotions get in the way until the time was right.

The garage door began to open.

“TERRA RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY TERRA!” Joe screamed in panic, until he saw she wasn’t driving.

Silent Al was driving instead. Tiny Timmy was in the passenger seat. Timmy elected for a Guy Fawkes mask instead of the traditional balaclava.

Joe recognized the pair and pieced it together finally. It was too late though. Tom had found out what he needed to already, that it was Martias that supplied him.

“Tom? You’re my brother. Why are you doing this? I’d let you in on it, Uncle Rick is greedy, he demands too much. We don’t need him. We can go out on our own, me and you”

Silent Al gets out of the car and drags a tied up and gagged Terra from the back seat. Tiny Timmy gets the gas.

“Terra I am sorry. I am so sorry” Joe begins to sob. Terra makes sounds, but she is unable to articulate anything.

Al pushes the button to close the garage door and then tosses the helpless girl onto the ground, Tim pours the gas over her.

“No, please don’t. Kill me, let her go. She didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll do anything you want…anything”

Tom strikes a match and ignites what meant the world to Joe. Tom wanted to watch Joe watch his precious little slut burn.

Muffled screams and the stench of burning flesh and hair came from Terra’s immolating body.

“Why are you doing this? Why not just shoot me? Why make her suffer? This isn’t like you Tom” said Joe with the eerie calm of a man who has lost everything. Seeing his love burn was the worst that could happen, he had nothing to fear now.

Tom grabbed the jug of gas from Tiny Tim and began pouring it over Joe’s head.

“Remember, when we meet in hell, that it wasn’t us who killed you. It was that whore. We were your family Joe. We loved you.” Tom stopped pouring the gas and pulled off his balaclava. Tom knelt so he could see eye to eye with Joe.

“Uncle Rick took us in and made us one of his own. He gave us our lives. That is until you started listening to that dumb cunt. Don’t think your family didn’t notice how she changed you. She made you feel like a king. Like you were powerful. She put thoughts into your head. Like you didn’t need us. That you were better than us. You knew better, but let your dick override, common sense. You needed us Joe. Remember, it wasn’t us who killed you. It was her”

Tom raised the gasoline and began pouring it at Joe’s feet, uniting the lovers with a stream of petrol.

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