The Fox and the Grapes, Awesome and WordPress

Yesterday I bought web hosting and moved my blog to my own domain name. Just look at that sexy URL! (Un)fortunately my old theme, Dyad, isn’t yet ready for self hosted wordpress. I found someone posting with the same problem I had and one user said change line 23 of the code that said “that” into “this” so I copied and pasted as he directed. This solved the problem on my home page but then when I clicked on my posts I ran into the same issue. I am now using the Virtue theme. Its not as aesthetic visually but it is formatted better for reading. It makes my lengthy educational posts look less intimidating. My behavior made me recall the Aesop fable of the fox and the grapes.


Once upon a time there was a fox who saw juicy grapes in a tree. He was hungry and wanted those grapes but they were high up and he couldn’t reach them. The fox tried jumping but he could not jump high enough. He tried climbing but to no avail. The fox even resorted to shaking the tree hoping they would fall, but the tree was too sturdy. Exhausted and dismayed he said to himself “Those grapes aren’t ripe anyway. Its not worth my time” as he walked away with an empty stomach.


I guess the fables are classics for a reason.


That said I still got some work to do here, I have to change my links, external and internal. The transfer process obviously can’t affect those. They will lead to my old blog, which is still active but I rather get the traffic to the live version. My recommendation if you are starting a site is to get your own hosting, its cheap, with most providers offering plans $5 a month. You can host for free on which is what I did when I started out. Its a great service but I like the flexibility and control offered by self-hosting. If you are going with pay the small fee for a custom domain name at least, otherwise you will have making it look amateurish whenever you link it.


Note that is the free version hosted with wordpress and is the version that lets you self host. will let you access and change the source code, if you are so inclined and you can install useful plug-ins that you want. is as it comes and will charge you a yearly fee for every extra you want. A domain costs $18 a year with them (only a little bit more than other places), if you want your site to be ad free that will cost $30 a year. If you want to use google analytics ( a free service) they try to sell you a business package at $100 a year. If you self host you get a lot of these benefits you would otherwise have to pay for individually.


Another thing I like about self-hosting is you can get your own email. I got as an email address now!


I still got some work to do to clean up this blog a bit. I re-did my categories. I am not going to hold myself to a daily post anymore since I’ve established the habit of writing. I am going to be writing everyday without my goal. I discuss my philosophy of goal setting in my 5 Tips for a Better Life if you are curious to me reasons. I think its my best article yet.


Thanks for reading and have a great day!





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