The Death and Birth of a Blog


To help make my blogging efforts look better I started a new blog with a new domain.

As much as I like saying I am Awesome I feel like it presents an image that contradicts my message and content. I also got a nice theme that I can re-use for it for all my blogging endeavors to help my presentation. After learning the basics about design I have become much more conscious of the effect it has on me. This in turn make me want to make sure my work is well designed so I can feel better about it.

I haven’t been blogging that much lately since I have other interests I am currently pursuing. I have some ideas for a themed blog I might start but that is still on the planning stage right now.

Looking back at this blog its kinda crazy to think I wrote all that content in a couple months. I feel like it has improved my writing a lot. I looked at an earlier post that was 1400 words and thought it was rather smaller for how much effort I put into writing it. My Fountainhead post on my new blog is over 2000 and that seemed subjectively easier for me to write.

I am happy that I started a blog and got the experience to iron. I feel like I got over the rocky beginning part about having a blog. I now know what I am doing and feel comfortable with wordpress. One thing I never considered is your URL format. If you start a blog with wordpress make sure that is the first thing you change. I like just having the post name in the URL although it defaults to having the date or just an id number.

vs    <- my favorite


Once you start posting it is a pain to change them. You have to select the button in settings, but changing it will break any links you might have to your old posts. You can set up a 302 re-direct with a plug in easy enough but its a pain. Its much better to decide on the format you want before you make a post.

As always thanks for reading. I don’t think I’ll be posting on this blog anymore, all future posts will be on instead so if you like my blog you should go there instead.


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