The Hit

Tom could feel his heart beat as he waited. This hadn’t happened since he first got into this business. He only took the job to pay back a debt. Or maybe it was to prove that he could. He wasn’t sure yet. There she was, a brunette with perky tits and curvy hips all wrapped…

The Escape | A Short Story

Finally he was about to get out of here. Connor was arrested at his apartment on March 5th 2014 for theft exceeding $5000, B&E, and breech of probation. How the cops found him he did not know. He must have been snitched on but couldn’t figure out by who. Maybe they tracked him down using…

The New Production Model: A Way to Write my First Short Story

  I have read in multiple sources that it is a good idea to market products before they are finished. This builds up hype and places pressure on the developers. I figured I will adopt that approach with the short story I am currently working on. I got half way through a first draft before…

Joe’s Dream

So this is how it ends he thought. In the room a full platoon had their guns fixed on him. The captain’s clothes revealed his rank. He doesn’t fear being sniped Joe thought. He had no choice but to surrender.

Conflict in the Mall: A Friday Afternoon for Joe

The big guy in a clam manner says “So you think you’re tough?” to Joe. He walks up, hands by his waist, palms showing. A cocky gesture that pisses Joe off. The big man continues “I’ll show you tough” as he walks into range without protecting himself. Joe fires a right, rocking him.