New Strings: A Guitar Post

Before I started boxing I played lots of guitar. I am no virtuoso but I was able to get good enough that I was satisfied with my progress in music. It seems to be  a common thing where you go through a period where you don’t play music at all for a year or so. I’ve haven’t played enough recently, and I can tell by listening to some sloppy notes on the opening parts. I used that passage as a warm up for a long time. I go into a chord progression for a song I forgot. I then end off with some improvisation, the best/cleanest part. 

I put on “new” strings last night. I bought them a year and a half ago but kept them in the box. Another sign I haven’t been playing my guitar at all, only picking it up here and there to play for 10 minutes at a time.

I felt like playing after listening to JC + The VoidzHuman Sadness. I haven’t even really listened to music lately. This is normal for me though, I am the kinda guy who would rather participate than observe. If I am not interested in music enough to play I am definitely not interested enough listening to it. Every so often I hear a song that resonates with me reviving my interest though.


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