Direction of the Blog

I started this blog without a purpose or direction in mind. I now feel like some reflection is in order.

For an immediate goal I want to write a post a day for a week. Each post being somewhat substantial, say at least 500 words. This will hopefully build up my writing skills by making it into a daily habit and I can explore what I want to write about the most. I am an eclectic sort of guy so the subject will range widely. Some potential ideas would be commentary on books, short stories, and essays illustrating my points of view on matters. If I write a post a day it will force me to come up with lots of ideas on subjects and maybe a theme of some kind will develop.

Next is to establish some kind of readership. This might be hard if I don’t have a theme to my blog. I  enjoy looking at the stats and seeing views and likes I receive. It would be rewarding for me if I can see a steady increase of traffic as I continue to write. I know some people think this is vain, and maybe they are right, but it makes me feel good so I’ll admit it, I like being validated. I think its only an issue when receiving validation is a primary motivation. Validation is icing on the cake, it makes pursuits that much more attractive. It strikes me as a bit of false modesty when people say they don’t care about it. To each their own however, maybe they really don’t care.

My long term goal with this blog is to improve my writing skills. I want to be able to make my thoughts compelling for other people to read. Not only this but to also add value by giving them new and interesting perspectives. I’ve read quite a few books this year and I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head. The challenge is to arrange them in such a way as to not simply regurgitate another author but to be able to say something original. Or at least as original as I can obtain.

I find it interesting that I am enjoying writing this much. I used to think of it as a chore doing school assignments. Being able to write whatever I want, when I want and how I want makes it feel like it could become a hobby I stick with. I feel like I got a lot more value out of Machiavelli by writing about him in one of my previous posts for instance.





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